1977 McDonough 62 Horizontal Resaw

$125,000 McDonough 62" A Series Horizontal Resaw. Originally built in 1977. Left Hand Resaw with 24" wide Feed Table. 10" Wide x 32'6" saws. Air Strain with a Brand New Feedworks with Knurled and Chromed Hold Down Rolls. 10" opening above the sawblade and machine (blade) shifts up to 12". Can be sold with a new Hydraulic Power Unit, New Wheel Guard, 150 HP Motor and New Servo Setworks with A-B PLC. Pictures show a new Horizontal and the existing Resaw as it is now. Yes, it's ugly as it sits now, but after an extensive McDonough rebuild she will look like brand new! Comes with a 1 year (same as new) warranty. Can be sold with Infeed and Outfeed Tables and complete Runaround too.
Equipment Location:Eau Claire, WI   

2001 McDonough 42inch 3 Knee Carriage

$160,000 2001 McDonough Precision Duty 42" Carriage. 3 Knees. Pantograph, UHMW Cant Kickers, Brownsville Turners on each Knee. Needs to be rebuilt and will come with a 1 year warranty (same as new).
Equipment Location:Eau Claire, WI   

1976 McDonough 54 Center Split Resaw

$85,000 McDonough 54" Center Split Resaw. Originally manufactured in 1976. Weight Strain, Left Hand, 7" wide x 26' long band saws. Four Roll Feedworks with new Hydraulic Drive and Power Unit. Resaw will be rebuilt with new Wheel Bearings, Resurfaced Wheel Faces, new Wiring and Plumbing and Paint. New Guide Block Dressing Machine and new 75 HP Motor and Drive. Also comes with a 1 year warranty. Includes 8 saw blades. Sale Price $85,000 Resaw needs to be rebuilt to customers specifications. Images shown are of existing Resaw before being rebuilt and also of a brand new 54" Resaw.
Equipment Location:Eau Claire, WI